Me starting this new blog.

I used to use Google’s Blogger for my ex-English Blog but decided to build my own blog powered by WordPress! Let me explain several reasons for it. just in case you wonder why.

First of all, Blogger has a really bad writing editor. It’s hard to change a font once you set it. Whenever I tried to change it, I always failed and my posts usually ended up having multiple fonts and it forced me to edit html directly.

Also, it was kinda hard to find a right solution to post c++ code snippets. Yes, there is a way to do it (here). But, it did not give me the same result and I didn’t want to spend more than 10 minutes resolving it.

For my Naver blog, which was for my ex-Korean blog, it is preventing me from showing my tweets through a widget. How ridiculous it is! They have their own micro-blog service called Me2Day and, obviously, they want people to use it instead of Twitter. NHN (the company of Naver) should know they actually just lost one of their members for that nonsense policy.

Anyway, with all those problems, I’ve decided to make my own blog and found that WordPress is very satisfactory. It’s easy to install and import old posts. There are lots of useful plugins and themes. It seems it’s also easy to export all posts if I want to start another new blog. So far, I’m quite happy with my new blog based on WordPress.

void main()
    cout << "Isn't it AWESOME?" << endl; // indeed!

BTW, you will probably see some Korean posts here because, currently, this is the only one blog I have. I will put all English posts under “English” category. not sure if a blog with two languages is a good idea but should be worth a try.


About 리안 / Young

글쓰는 게임 프로그래머. 남편 그리고 아빠. Game Programmer Writing. A husband and a father.
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