A call to action.

There was one time when I was hooked by all kinds of Software Development Methodology books. I was looking for “answers” to escape my stressful daily life as a programmer in Korea. Ironically (and obviously), the answer I found and liked was

“No silver bullet” – Fred Brooks

Well, it’s very easy to misread the line so please check the full article. By the way, the important thing was not the answer I found. I got it from the book “Professional Software Development” – Steve McConnell and there was the other article whose title was

“Programmer Writing”

Simply, it blew my mind. I had never thought about that I was one of those who were supposed to write “answers” which I had been searching for. This drove me to start my Korean blog. It’s not very often updated but it seems some of articles helped other programmers and myself as well.

I’ve been thinking of starting my English blog since I came over here in the U.S. Finally, I have a bit long break time to do my personal stuff. This is my first post and I will try to fill this blog with articles “braced by labor and invention”. Yes, I’m the programmer writing. Are you? 🙂


About 리안 / Young

글쓰는 게임 프로그래머. 남편 그리고 아빠. Game Programmer Writing. A husband and a father.
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